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What We Offer


o 30-60 minute session telephonic or face to face

o Set SMART goals and establish healthy habits 

Diet, nutrition, and physical activity recommendations 

Weight loss plans to improve health and reduce health risks


Evidence-based health coaching for clients managing or working to reduce the risk of : 

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure 
  • Obesity or high BMI 
  • Other chronic conditions 
  • *Smoking Cessation programs

*Contact for detailed information

-Contact a Public Health professional for: 

- Health Fairs/Conferences

- Seminars and webinars 

- Worksite Wellness events

Individuals with chronic conditions drive 80% of the total cost of healthcare today. Improved health behaviors, more patient accountability and higher levels of self-care have been proven to reduce progression of those conditions, ER visits and hospital utilization.

  Patient Engagement includes:

- Evidence-based Health Coaching 

 -Motivational Interviewing

-Behavioral Modification 

o Improve quality health outcomes

o Improve prevention metrics

o Reduce costs

o Reduce readmission rates

o Retool workforce for proactive, patient-centered chronic care management

o Build skills to inspire patient engagement and accountability